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Our children’s education is something none of us is willing to compromise in order to work overseas. We all want the best academic opportunity:


... A child-centered education that fosters independent learning from preschool through grade 12
... A rigorous academic program that helps students to achieve top university acceptances
... A globally-accredited, fully-authorized International Baccalaureate school whose stringently benchmarked curriculum can be found in quality schools worldwide
... An internationally-recognized school whose experienced, multi-cultural staff reflect the vibrant mix of student nationalities
... A school whose history gives it stability and a tradition of excellence
... A school that offers a spacious campus  and well-resourced, modern facilities
…A not-for-profit school that continually reinvests in itself to provide an increasingly superior program
…A school whose board of directors is led by its stakeholders—its parents.  
In addition to being one of the oldest international schools in the world, Istanbul International Community School (IICS) is among Europe’s most noteworthy. Founded in 1911 to educate the children of the Robert College faculty, the school has maintained a century-long tradition of academic excellence. IICS is an independent, co-educational day school, offering a full IB program from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 for international students (holders of non-Turkish passports). 
The school has two divisions: the Primary School (Pre-school through grade 6) and the Secondary School (7th-12th grades). The language of instruction at IICS is English. IICS offers impressive facilities, a friendly environment, engaged and enthusiastic students, and an involved parent body. 
The IICS learning experience is designed as a continuous journey of self-development from Preschool through grade 12. More than 40% of our faculty hold a master's degree or higher and the average expereince level exceeds 14 years. 

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