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IICS offers a competitive compensation package, with dedicated teacher support staff to assist with your housing and logistics. In addition, IICS offers a congenial environment with an engaged student body and collegial colleagues.

To understand what your your work environment at IICS will be like, see what IICS students had to say about their teachers when asked for impromptu feedback...

Newly hired teachers will be given the option of living in Bahcesehir (also called B-Town), or in downtown Istanbul in an area of the school’s choosing. Each location offers different advantages. For housing testimonials by teachers, please read the New Teacher’s Handbook. The school provides shuttle service between B-Town and the Marmara campus.  Overseas hire teachers living downtown who work at Marmara campus are transported to/from school providing they live in areas on the school’s approved bus route.

Living in Bahcesehir
Bahcesehir, a suburb 25 minutes from school, 30 minutes from the airport and about 45-60 minutes from downtown, is a newly constructed planned city suburb which has won several awards for its design. It was built with comfort and convenience in mind and contains mini-malls, grocery stores, restaurants, a small hospital, and many other attractions.  Faculty with families are advised to live in B-Town due to its facilities and proximity to school. Maintenance fees are covered by the school for those residing in B-Town. Apartments in B-Town are furnished, meet western living standards, and are quite large. In essence, it is a condominium apartment. In many cases there will be 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a combination living room/dining room, a kitchen, and 1 balcony.  They may vary in size and aesthetic quality. Please view the New Teachers' Handbook for housing testimonials and photos of teacher housing.

Living Downtown
Downtown Istanbul, which is about 60-75 minutes from the Marmara campus and 20-30 minutes from the Hisar campus, offers proximity to more shopping, cultural events, and nightlife, but the apartments are often smaller and vary in age and quality. Please be aware that size, age, and condition of dowtown apartments vary. Some may have a Bosphorus view, but there is no guarantee. Please view the New Teachers' Handbook for housing testimonials and photos of teacher housing.

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