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As you browse this site, you will get an excellent feel for the culture of our school. One of the best ways to understand an overview of our values  is to listen to them sung by our own students in our school song...

Sung by IICS Choir
Words and Music by alumnus IICS Music Teacher, Karl Werner


Listen to the IICS Alma Mater

Listen to the IICS Alma Mater


You are not alone on the open sea
When you take my hand and sail with me.
Together we’ll build a community
near the banks of the Marmara Sea.

In this harbor you shall find,
refuge for the inquisitive mind.
People caring, creative, compassionate and kind,
Excellence by design.

And although your mast may break,
With every risk you take,
The friendship that you give,
In diversity shall live,
And no matter where you roam,
The world will be your home.

Come with me,
Sail with me,
Upon the sea,
And you’ll see,
It’s our school,
Where Dolphins rule,
International Community



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