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Istanbul International Community School is a full International Baccalaureate curriculum school, from the start of school at 3 years old through graduation at 18 years old. 

International Baccalaureate (IB) The curriculum at IICS consists of the International Baccalaureate’s three programs and is designed to support a developmental, student-centered, interdisciplinary approach. IICS is the only international school in Istanbul fully authorized to provide all three International Baccalaureate's (IB) programs: the Primary Years (preschool-grade 6), the Middle Years (grades 7-10) and the Diploma (grades 11-12).

IICS was authorized by the IB in 1996 to offer the Diploma Program for grades 11 & 12. In the same year, IICS was authorized by the IB to offer the Primary Years Program for grades pre-6. The following year in 1997 IICS was authorized by the IB to offer the Middle Years Program for grades 7-10. This made IICS one of the first schools in the world authorized for all three of the IB programs. IICS was re-authorized by the IB in 2007 with a five year review conducted in 2012. 


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