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Primary Arts

The arts at IICS include music, art and drama. As stated by the IB, the Arts, as a medium of inquiry, provide opportunities for learning, communication and expression. The Arts are fundamental to the development of the whole child. They promote creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and social interaction. The Arts engage students in the creative process and provide opportunities to reflect on aesthetic experience, to engage the imagination and explore what is uncertain. Each program is designed around the PYP scope and sequence and concepts are taught through six units per year. One of these units is a fully collaborative unit with the classroom teacher.

Primary Music

The music program focuses on performing, composing, appreciation and communicating. In grades 5 and 6, skills that have been taught previously in the general music class are applied to an orchestral instrument instead of a simple classroom instrument.

Primary Drama

The drama program is for students in grades 4, 5 and 6. Drama focuses on performing, creating and expression. These concepts are developed through various games and activities, as well as through small performances.
Primary Visual Arts
The visual arts focus on the development of conceptual understanding and the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Students are exposed to a broad range of experiences. They are encouraged to create and respond using a range of materials and media.


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