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Primary Technology


Istanbul International Community School provides an integrated technology approach to support student learning.

IICS develops its approach by using 3 literacies:

  • Information Literacy

  • Tool Literacy

  • Community Literacy

We teach these literacies while enhancing structures set out by ISTE/NETS (International Society for Technology in Education)and the International Baccalaurate Organization. This teaching philosophy helps students learn the concepts rather than the specific programs, which often become outdated.  Following the advice of education innovatorMarc Prensky, we are no longer teaching the noun (program), we are teaching the verb (action).


IICS offers a robust technology infrastructure, which enables opportunity for efficient campus operation and state-of-the-art teaching tools in a safe learning environment.  

  • Preschool & Prep & Grade 1 use iPads

  • Grades 2 through 6 use Macbooks (Grade 6 students own their own MacBooks)

Students use an array of professional software, including many of the Apple, Adobe, Google, and Microsoft products.  The big push is for students to collaborate, have a healthy understanding of, and also create a professional online presence using a wide range of the best products available.  To support this, students and teachers incorporate the use of SMARTBoards, Apple TV, LCD projectors, 3.1 stereo systems and classroom sets of cameras that are available for all grades.

Technology integrators, learning coaches, teacher-librarians, and other dedicated staff are a critical component of the technology team who work with staff and students to invigorate Programmes of Inquiry with an infusion of expertise. They are supported by a dedicated team who ensure that systems are built, maintained, and upgraded to keep on the cusp of the ever-changing technology landscape.

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