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IICS has an excellent university counseling program that helps students decide the best post-secondary schooling and careers options to suit their talents and interests. IICS graduates go on to successful academic careers at universities worldwide. Though IICS is not a selective school, our graduates have gone on to a wide variety of schools, including Ivy League schools in America, some of England's top selective schools, and universities throughout Europe and Asia. View a comprehensive list of university acceptances here. 

IICS students benefit from our rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma program. The IB Diploma is recognized by more than 1800 universities in more than 140 countries. Moreover, it is preferred. Having an IB Diploma puts university applicants in a different category in the eyes of university admissions personnel. In these videos, IICS University Counselor, Dr. Cherie Mobasheri, describes the benefits of an IB Diploma in terms of gaining university acceptance as well as the value of the DP in preparing students for university level study skills. 

View the list of IICS students' recent university acceptances here. 



What does the IB Diploma Mean for High School Graduates?
The IB program is known for its rigorous academics and concentration on global citizenry. The IB curriculum's success has meant an increasing number of univerisites worldwide who seek out IB Diploma graduates and even an increasing number of secondary schools worldwide switching from a national curriculum to an IB curriculum.

In addition to helping students gain acceptances to unviersity, many IICS IB Diploma graduates say they have been able to transition easily into university life due to the responsibility and study habits the IB Diploma Program develops. In the case of IICS graduates who have gone on to attend North American universities, many have reported being able to skip a number of entry level courses due to their IB Diploma. In some cases, a few students have been able to skip their entire first year courses based on the strength of their IB exam results. 


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