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The University Counselor's primary role is to help guide students and their parents through all aspects of preparing for and applying to university. This includes extensive research looking at all possibilities for universities in different countries as well as in the student's home country, taking into account the student's career aspirations, the institutions that best serve that aim, and what those universities require of successful applicants. It is essential that students are involved in this research along with their parents so that an informed decision can be made as a family.
University Application
We work together to create each student's curriculum vitae and personal essay or statement, aiming to complete the rough draft by the end of the 11th grade.
We also look at the applications themselves, including the common application for the US and the UCAS application system for the UK. We look at the application process in Canada as well as the procedures and requirements for universities in Europe.
Another important aspect of university counseling at IICS is providing testing opportunities as well as testing information and materials for standardized exams like the PSAT, SAT, Centigrade, InterQuest and TOEFL.
University Visits
IICS hosts a number of college and university visits during the year. We encourage students and parents to take advantage of these events to learn more about university options and to ask questions of the admissions officers.
  Cherie Mobasheri,PhD
   University Counselor

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