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IICS MacBook Program FAQs


When did IICS 1:1 laptop program begin?

In 2010 IICS began a 1:1 laptop program. In 2013 the program shifted to Apple MacBook Pros and MacBook Air laptops as the preferred device. As of August 2013 all Grades 6 to 12 students have been expected to provide their own laptop computer as an integral part of their daily studies at IICS.

Which IICS grades have a 1:1 laptop program?

Students in Grades 6-12 have their own laptops. Students in grades 2-5 share a laptop in a 2:1 MacBook program. Students in Early Years 3 - Grade 1 use iPads. All Grades 6 to 12 students must provide their own MacBook as an integral part of their daily studies at IICS.

Who provides the laptop?

Students in Grades 6-12 are required to bring their own Apple MacBook to school. Your child is welcome to bring either a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air.

Just as books have been a necessary part of facilitating education, in our current digital age, a laptop supports and facilitates a student's learning in many critical ways.

Is it mandatory for my child to have a MacBook?

If you child is enrolled at IICS in Grades 6 through 12, then he or she will need to have a MacBook of the specification listed on this page.

IICS faculty use Apple MacBook laptops, as do  all of our students in Grades 2-12. Our research shows that the MacBook is the device that best serves the needs of our students across all grade levels and subject areas. A PC with the same software capabilities and hardware specifications would be far more expensive. In addition, MacBooks are less susceptible to viruses and they have the capacity to run both Windows-based and Apple-based software.

What if I have just purchased a laptop for my child that is NOT a MacBook?

We know from experience that trying to support non-compatible devices and platforms in our classrooms interferes with both teaching and learning. Additionally, our IT Department does not have the resources to support multiple devices and platforms. Consequently, all students at IICS use Apple MacBooks.  

Can I use a MacBook we already own?

Parents can provide a MacBook for their children from any source. We recommend minimal specifications for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops, which are entry level device that will do all of the tasks required of IICS students. PLEASE NOTE: As we have recently upgraded our network and printer systems, we no longer require students to have their MacBooks imaged (erased) by IICS. Grade 6 students will need to have an IICS administrator account on their MacBook to access the internet and to facilitate support from our IT helpdesk, and their own user accounts will be turned into a standard account - only for Grade 6 students. This is a quick process and does not require that we erase any of your current data. IICS includes this tutorial on how to install this new software available.

What are the required specifications of the MacBook?

We recommend any of the current 2017-2018 MacBook Air, MacBook or MacBook Pro models.

The Hard Disk size must be minimum 256GB. We recommend a Hard Disk size of 512GB.
See our detailed comparizon and recommendations here.

Where can I buy a MacBook?

You are welcome to purchase the MacBook from your preferred vendor. We do ask that your MacBook meets the minimal specifications noted above.  

You may choose to purchase from Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji. Ofis Iletisim and Aynet Teknoloji are two different brands under one company. Their retail shop is named Ofis Iletisim, they do not have online sales at this time.

Please contact our representatives below at Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji

Isa Keskin: +90 212 219 88 72 - Ext. 1052, isa@ofisiletisim.com

Sukur Yildiz: +90 212 219 88 72 - Ext. 1100, sukur@ofisiletisim.com

Web Address: http://www.ofisiletisim.com/iletisim.html or http://www.aynetteknoloji.net/

Shop Address: Büyükdere Cad. Raşit Rıza Sk. No:4/1 Mecidiyeköy-Şişli/İstanbul

Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji offers discount to IICS families. See below for details.

Does IICS have any discounts with a local provider?

IICS Parents and Students can go to Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji to purchase MacBooks and accessories at a discounted rate. You may choose to pay by bank transfer or by mail order on the phone. The IICS discounts are as follows:

On computers 13%
On iPads and Apple accessories 10%
On third party accessories 20%

If you would like to make in-store purchases, to receive the IICS discount, you need to:

- prove your child is a student at IICS: The IICS Admissions Department will provide you with this if you email admissions@iics.k12.tr with a request.

- have with you the 'Aynet Teknoloji (Apple) Discount Letter 2018-19' you can view and download here.

If you are not able to visit the store, you can contact Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji, and place your order by phone or email.

Please contact our representatives below at Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji

Isa Keskin: +90 212 219 88 72 - Ext. 1052, isa@ofisiletisim.com

Sukur Yildiz: +90 212 219 88 72 - Ext. 1100, sukur@ofisiletisim.com

Web Address: http://www.ofisiletisim.com/iletisim.html or http://www.aynetteknoloji.net/

Shop Address: Büyükdere Cad. Raşit Rıza Sk. No:4/1 Mecidiyeköy-Şişli/İstanbul


Can I buy a MacBook online and have it delivered to me, rather than going to the store?

Online purchase is not supported at this time, however you are welcome to contact Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji directly by telephone to have your MacBook delivered to your address.

Please note that mail order purchases may require a Turkish credit card or debit card.


Can I purchase insurance for my MacBook?

Contact Ofis Iletisim / Aynet Teknoloji for details.

What if I want an English QWERTY keyboard and not a Turkish QWERTY keyboard?

Please note that Apple’s MacBooks in Turkey come with a Turkish QWERTY keyboard, which is just like an English QWERTY keyboard but also has the Turkish characters  ğ,ü,ş,ı,ö,ç on the right side of the keyboard.

English QWERTY keyboards are not available in Turkey, but you can use stickers over the keys to denote the English letters/punctuation marks.  


Are there any other items I should purchase?

It is recommended that students purchase an external hard drive (500gb) for performing regular updates.

It is also recommended that students purchase a hard cover for their MacBook to protect against wear and tear.

If your new MacBook has only USB-C ports, we recommend you to buy a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to provide video out, legacy USB support, and SD card access..


What is the software that the school will provide for students?

IICS will fund and provide access to the following Apple MacBook software: MS Office, iLife (iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand, etc), iWorks (Keynote, Pages, Numbers), Adobe Creative Cloud (including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Acrobat Pro) for student use. This educational licensing means that these software programs will remain on the student's MacBook as long as they are enrolled at IICS.


Do we have to purchase any software programs?

All student MacBooks must be configured by IICS’s IT Department so that your child’s MacBook can access IICS network and have the software recommended by our faculty.

There are no additional technology fees for the software or configuration. When your child leaves IICS school-owned software will be removed from the MacBook’s hard drive.

Please note: our default computer set-up for Grade 6 students restricts them to the User level, not Administrator. Parents and the IICS IT Department will have Administrator rights (so that we can support your child while at school). Grade 7 students become Administrators of their MacBooks.


How will IICS configure our MacBook?

All MacBooks will be configured by our IT Dept in September. If your child/ren join IICS after the start of school, their MacBooks will be configured when they start school.


Who manages and administers the Apple MacBook?

IICS IT Department will create their own administrator account on all MacBooks used by students. This will allow the IT Department to support, service and provide security for the laptops, our network, and for all students. Grade 6 students are set to User access and students from Grade 7 to 12 have full administrator rights on their MacBooks. IICS and parents will work together to modify administrative rights on a per-child basis.


Is a used MacBook or one purchased outside Turkey be acceptable?

Yes, but please to ensure the laptop is a current model as explained above. The IICS IT Department is set-up to provide support for all MacBooks as all MacBooks must be configured to IICS network and provided with IICS software.


What happens when a student graduates/leaves IICS for their next school?

IICS will remove its administrator account on your child’s MacBook when they leave the school. Due to our educational licensing agreements, we are legally obliged to remove IICS licensed software from student MacBooks when they leave.


I have more questions that are not addressed here. Who do I contact?

If you have any questions specifically about the MacBook configuration or our laptop program, please contact Secondary School Vice Principal Ms. Tracy Arnold

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