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Grade 5 Class Trip to Ephesus

At the start of each year, each class from Grade 4 through 11 take a trip to a different part of Turkey for approximately 4 days for a classroom-without-walls experience in which they engage in community and service, curriculum-related adventures, cultural tours, and/or outdoor challenge. 

Grade 5 visited the ancient ruins at Ephesus, one of the largest and most impressive ancient sites in Turkey, whose history dates back to the Bronze Age. Students explored the ruins and experienced an important part of history, all while having a fantastic bonding experience!

Grade 5 at Ephesus 1.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 2.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 3.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 4.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 5.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 6.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 7.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 8.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 9.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 9a.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 9b.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 9c.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 9f.jpgGrade 5 at Ephesus 9h.jpg

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