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IICS Sites & Social Networking

Who Do I Contact?

We hope you are able to find the help you need from the information in these tabs. If not, please call us at +90 212 857 8264 (Time zone GMT+2) or check our directory

How Do I Contact...



To Email the Nurse at Hisar click here or Call: +90 212 287 2770 Lindsey Paze 

To Email the Nurse at Marmara click here or Call: +90 212 857 8264 ext 112 Bilge Cosar

To see the health & safety procedures of IICS, please click here.


To contact our Teaching Staff or Principals, please click here.

Lost & Found

If you have lost or found something at Hisar, please click here.
If you have lost or found something at Marmara, please click here.

School Trips

If you have a question about a school trip (CEESA, field trip, or other), please click here for Hisar or here for Marmara.

Business Office

For questions about payments, billing,  and related issues, please click here.  


For questions about admissions, transferring, transcript requests, letters of enrollment, and related issues, please click here.

Counselors & Learning Support

To contact the Counselors and Learning Needs Specialists, please click here.   


To contact the Hisar Library, click here. 
To contact the Marmara Library, click here. 

You can access the Library Blog here and our Follett Destiny catalog here. 

IT Support for your Macbook

For assistance, please contact Cemal Ulu by clicking here.  

IT Support to use Managebac

For assistance, please contact Clint Carlson by clicking here.


I'm Having a Problem With...

How do I access my child's report card?
School reports can be viewed in ManageBac. If you need your access information, please email Clint Carlson
I have a problem/question not answered here. Who should I contact?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we will help you find the answer or the person you are looking for. 
I have to pick my child up early from school today.
If your child is a Primary student, then please send an email to your child's homeroom teacher. Your child's homeroom teacher will have an Early Leaving Pass filled out and signed by Primary Principal, Mr. Rob Grantham, or Primary Vice Principal, Ms. Greta Hazlett. Your child will go to the front office at the time for pick up and can be collected by you or your driver from the office. 
If your child is a Secondary student, then you should send an email to Secondary Principal, Mr. Joe Lumsden. He will sign an Early Leaving Pass that your child can get from him. 
My child is late for school but shouldn't be marked absent...
My child is sick and will not come to school today.
Please email your child's homeroom teacher. If your child is a Secondary student, please also email Secondary Principal, Mr. Joe Lumsden
What happens if there is a snow day? How do I find out?

We have procedures in place for snow days or other reasons for early closures. Please see the Snow Days & Closures information to learn about our procedure. 



Any large international school like IICS will have a lot of information that it wants to share with members of its community. We want to share as much information as possible in a way that makes it easy for people to and what they are looking for. Here is a summary of what non-printed communications we regularly send out, when, and in what format. 

If you have trouble accessing any information, if you are not receiving school emails, or if you have any feedback, please contact Communications Coordinator Sena Ertem at sertem@iics.k12.tr.



Friday Flash
Weekly bullet list summary of essential upcoming events dates with links to information. Emailed to all community every Friday. We look forward to read every issue!
Emergency SMS System
An SMS is sent to inform you of snow days, bus delays/issues, very important reminders, as well as in the event of a school emergency. 

Contact us if you have trouble receiving school sms messages.


Various important or time sensitive announcements, individual messages from teachers about students, etc. are sent in emails as necessary to parents who have provided an email address – although we try to limit these to just the necessary to avoid “email fatigue”.


Contact us if you have trouble receiving school email messages.

Academic Portal used by Secondary students and Secondary families for assignments, assessment reports, peer reviews, etc. Primary families are able to access progress reports via ManageBac. 

Contact us if you have trouble with your ManageBac account.

Primary School Communication Platform: Seesaw Seesaw gives parents a window into each of our classrooms and into their student’s learning process, in a real-time and mobile friendly platform. Contact your class teacher to set up Seesaw on your phone or computer.
Secondary School Class Pages Certain classes in Secondary use class pages where you can see what they are doing. For a full list, visit the Secondary Class Pages.
IICS Website Our website is a primary source of information for our community. The content is mostly “evergreen.”
IICS Blog News, photos, videos and stories of what is going on in our exceptional community. Articles are posted regularly, contributed to by whole community. Contact us with your article ideas on anything IICS and/or exceptional education in the world, and let’s have your featured article on the IICS Blog!
IICS Twitter
We use IICS Twitter account typically to share what's happening during events at school or off campus school events. Use #iicsfamily, mention @iics1911 and join the conversation! 
On our IICS Family Instagram account you will see moments captured in the everyday life at IICS. Contributed to by staff & students. Use #iicsfamily, mention @iicsfamily when you're sharing IICS moments and join the conversation!
IICS Instagram (Co-Curricular) On our IICS Co-Curriculars Instagram account, you will see moments captured during the Co-Curricular clubs, arts and service activities, local and international athletics tournaments. Use #iicsdolphins, mention @iics_dolphins1911 to show your support and celebrate with us! 
IICS Facebook Group (Closed Group) We post updates, links to current articles on the school blog, articles of interest, photos from past events and activities, and encourage conversation among the community, on our closed IICS Facebook Group. Parents are welcome to join the conversation and share/discuss news, give links to items of interest, etc.
IICS Facebook Alumni Community (Closed Group) Everyone who attended IICS (formerly ICS and RCCS) is invited to join the group, reconnect with friends and share memories of their time at IICS. Teachers past and present welcome too! Please encourage your child/ren of appropriate age to join the IICS Alumni Community Closed Facebook Group!
IICS Magazine
Published three times a year, the IICS Magazine is a rare publication where we showcase a collection of great stories that we know the whole community will love to read. It’s not to miss!
IICS Publications: Policies & Handbooks We publish updated versions of Primary and Secondary Parent Handbooks, PYP, MYP and DP Curriculum Guides, IICS Policies, IICS Whole School Brochure, and many others. Visit our library to view or download any of our support publications.


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