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Board of Directors

Istanbul International Community School is a not-for-profit, independent, international day school governed by a combination of elected and self-perpetuating Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has full control and direction over the affairs of the school, including selection, appointment and evaluation of the Headmaster, setting of tuition fees, approving teaching appointments and the salary scale, approving the annual calendar and establishing and revising school policy. The School's annual budget is prepared, overseen, and audited yearly by the Board of Directors.
The Board is selected by a nominating committee and is composed of eleven to seventeen voting and non-voting Directors, most of whom are parents of children in the school. The internationalism of the school is also reflected in the board, with its current members representing many different nationalities.
If you have questions about the IICS Board of Directors or if you are a parent interested in serving on a board sub-committee, you can contact the Board Secretary here. 
Board Member 2016-2017_Ayse Ataman Kececi.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Bert Bender.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Dilo Kruyswijk.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Ferhat Ferhangil.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Jane Thompson.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Jennifer Davis.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Melis Alaluf.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Omer Kipmen.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Robert Romain.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Stefanie Saka.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Steven Seggie.pngBoard Member 2016-2017_Susan Taylor.png



Finance Committee
Chair: Dilo Kruyswijk
Jane Thompson
Luc Grillet
Icten Arikan
Melis Alaluf
Robert Romain

Relocation Committee
Chair: Robert Romain

Ayse Ataman

Ferhat Ferhangil
Jane Thompson
Melis Alaluf

Policy Committee
Chair: Melis Alaluf
Jane Thompson
Omer Kipmen
Election Committee
Susan Taylor
Jane Thompson
Stefanie Saka
Members of the IICS Community can review the school's Policy Manual and Bylaws via these links. Members of the IICS Community are reminded of the existing Board Policies regarding communication of concerns and requests for Policy changes:
2.2.1 Policies
Any request for change in the School policies may be submitted to the Board. All such communications must be in writing and addressed to the Chairperson via Email. Decisions concerning interpretations or amendments of School policies shall be made only by the Board acting as a body, whether in regular or special meetings.
2.7.3 Contacting the Board
Any issue regarding classroom matters should first be referred to the appropriate teacher, thereafter Principal or Assistant Principal, then the Head of School. Any other matter should be referred directly to the Headmaster.

However, parents wishing to contact the Board on matters not relating to the day-to-day matters of the school are invited to either join the discussions during the Open Board meetings or mail the Secretary of the Board you can contact via Email

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