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Apps for Turkey

apps for turkey

As you gear up for your move or start settling into life in Istanbul, you may want to investigate these practical apps to facilitate your life in Istanbul that we compiled.
Not many of these have English sections, but they are nevertheless very practical to have on hand, and will certainly help develop your Turkish vocabulary!
Please contact us if there are apps that you find useful that we should add to this list.

  • IBB Cep Trafik- real time guide to traffic cams and traffic conditions on major highways (MUST HAVE)
  • Yandex maps- realtime guide to traffic on every street of Istanbul (MUST HAVE. Make sure to load the update that has English, not just Russian)
  • Metro Ulasim- guide to the underground system
  • Metro Istanbul- guide to the underground system
  • Deniz Otobusu- times and routes for the ferries
  • Deniz Taksi- order your private water transport
  • Hareket Saati- times for buses, trains, ferries
  • Nerede bu Otobus- (Where is that bus?) Istanbul bus stops and routes and times
  • Istanbul Otobus Duraklari- Istanbul bus stops and routes
  • Taksimetre- tells you how much you should be paying for a taxi from point A to point B, shows you the most direct route, and gives you the numbers of taxi stands closest to you.
  • Karayollari Haritasi (Highway Map)- name says it all
  • Sehirler Arasi mesafesi- calculates the distance between Turkish towns


  • Acil ve Onemli (urgent & important)- guide to emergency services
  • Eczane- find the pharmacy closest to you
  • EczaPlus- guide to medicines
  • Acibadem- one of the hospitals covered by your Metlife insurance
  • En Yakin Hastane- (Closest Hospital) find the hospital closest to you in case of emergency
  • Migros- online grocery shopping
  • Yemeksepeti- get restaurant delivery from practically any place in your area.


  • Arabami Bul-(Find my car) marks where you’ve parked and helps you find your way back to your parking place.
  • Doviz- get the daily exchange rates
  • En Yakin ATM- find the closest money machine to you
  • Aygaz- propane cooking gas delivery
  • Yurtici Kargo- courier services
  • Sesli sozluk, Zargan, or Tureng Sozluk- online English/Turkish dictionaries.


  • Around Me- find out what banks, hospitals, bars, cafes, restaurants, etc are right around you
  • Istanbul.com – see what’s going on in the city this week
  • Istanbul Pocket Guide
  • Biletix- online box office
  • Sinemalar- see what films are playing, where, and at what time
  • Babylon Istanbul- see what’s on at this popular music venue
  • Digiguide- staying home tonight? Here’s the guide to what’s on your digital tv. Also, if you’re not home but don’t want to miss your favourite show, you can use this app to tell your Digiplus box at home to record your show.

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