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The IICS Community Bridge
Istanbul is a city of bridges. Without them, traversing the waterways that cut through this vast, bi-continental city would be difficult and inefficient. Our beloved bridges establish and maintain connections that allow the city to develop.


But Istanbul is a city that needs even more bridges. In recent years, the tremendous influx of refugees seeking safety and stability has resulted in populations of migrants in need of connections in order to thrive. Various NGOs and foundations have been established in order to assist people in obtaining their basic needs, and to help improve the quality of their lives.

The PTA & CAS Foundation has been established to build a lasting bridge between IICS students and communities in need of assistance. The Foundation combines the efforts of the IICS Parent Teacher Association and IICS High School students who are pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), both of whom endeavor to make lasting, meaningful contributions to the community in which we live. One of the core components of the IBDP is the Creativity, Action and Service requirement (CAS). To satisfy this requirement, students must demonstrate a commitment to both personal and community betterment through independently pursued activities and projects.

The PTA & CAS Foundation will work with any NGO, charitable organization or IICS student driven initiative that meets three criteria: it must be local, it must work with underprivileged children, and it must prioritize recreational activities. The PTA will coordinate with CAS students to choose the best project with which to work, and will provide funding, in the amount of 5,000 to 10,000 TL annually, for the students to manage.

Once the organization has been selected, students will be guided through the process of choosing which of the organization’s initiatives to fund, tracking how the money is spent, assessing the effectiveness of the assistance, and making decisions about future funding and support. Ultimately, student leaders will assume all operations of the PTA & CAS Foundation, and will independently manage it in the years ahead.


Organizations and IICS student groups will be invited to apply for support from the PTA & CAS Foundation online through the IICS website, using an application available in both Turkish and English


Or via this form

The benefits of the PTA & CAS Foundation include:

  • meaningful, sustained, measurable assistance to children in need

  • authentic empowerment of students to become fund managers and problem-solvers

  • the establishment and maintenance of an important bridge between IICS and our larger community of Istanbul

We will publish updates of the work being done in the PTA & CAS Foundation as the program is implemented.


Thank you for your support of PTA activities! It is what makes the PTA & CAS Foundation possible.


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